RAFT. Wall’s foreshock in the ground
8 apr 2016
The construction of the library of the All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade was launched. As is right and proper, the construction begins with a foundation. Reinforcement of the wall's foreshock in the ground is under the designer’s supervision of "StroyInzhener-Project".
High construction rates of Leroy Merlin
7 apr 2016
The construction of Leroy Merlin in Kostroma under our project is well under way. The rates of construction are very high. The management of the customer expressed gratitude to us as the first bureau that implemented the project completely based on BIM.
Construction of Leroy Merlin in Kostroma
3 dec 2015
Today, the construction of a hypermarket in Kostroma was started under the joint project of StroyInzhener-Project and KPLN. Specialists of the designer’s supervision made the first trip to the construction site. The construction is planned to be completed in 11 months.