On the value of the Moscow five-story buildings
On the value of the Moscow five-story buildings
23 may 2017

Sergey Nikeshkin, the founder of the Architectural Bureau KPLN, told Vedomosti about the current technical state of the five-story Moscow buildings and proposed to provide information protection for the constructivist quarters.

“Historical buildings are valuable. The constructivist quarters of Moscow are worth noting. Many of them have suffered, although they have the status of cultural heritage objects. If most people understand why Kitay-gorod cannot be demolished, it is not that simple with constructivism of 1920-1930. The situation is different. Many houses were built of cheap materials and have not been repaired since the construction, and now they have fallen in a state of disrepair. Today it is regarded as an excuse to get rid of them. We have to explain that this is a significant layer of the cultural and architectural heritage of the city, examples of innovative architecture that must be carefully restored, not destroyed.

And although it is premature to talk about improving specific territories and houses before summarizing the voting results, it is worthwhile to build up a certain information protection around the constructivist quarters"

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